What Are 3D Virtual Reality Tours?

Tell me about these new 3D tours. What are they all about?

It’s the latest in 3D mapping and photography technology fresh out of Silicon Valley, California.

The 3D tours combined with the Virtual Reality headset gives the user the feeling that they are actually walking through the property, but from the comfort of the Ouwens Casserly office or potentially soon from their own home.

Ouwens Casserly have worked closely with local 3D tour provider TicketyView and also realestate.com.au to be the first to market with this exciting revolutionary new product.

The tours are also uploaded online for use on desktop and mobile devices through major real estate portals to better understand the physical space of a property.

The process allows you to walk through a location in a first person perspective whilst also allowing the user to view the property from a unique 3D model view. These tours are all about giving potential buyers the ability to better connect with these spaces wherever they are.

Ouwens Casserly has an international focus and quite often we will show, say, one of our Chinese clients 5 or 6 properties on one day. This allows them to view all the properties first from the comfort of our offices. Our Chinese agent can answer any questions right then and there. It also saves the vendor time in preparing their home for inspection.

How do they work?

The 3D tour is downloaded onto a standard smartphone and then easily slipped into the Virtual Reality headset. You move your head up, down, sideways and around and then you feel that you are actually in the house! It even blocks out the outside sound and creates the audible ambience of the property.

When you want to walk into another room you just lock on this little laser site and then whoosh!… you slide into the next area of the property. It’s just so cool. If you where it for too long you can forget which reality you are in!… its groundbreaking technology which will change the way we sell real estate.

How is it used?

The 3D tour can be used on the iPad too. It doesn’t quite have the same impact but basically a user clicks on a link and they are transported into the property.  They can then interact, and move freely throughout the space using very intuitive controls.

Why did you decide to do it?

Print advertising in The Advertiser and videos remain a great way to showcase property, This technology gives you control of the tour.

There is no more guess work in understanding how properties flow. You can experience it from the comfort of our office or over the next 12 months or so, in your own home.

What are the benefits?

It allows potential buyers to assess a property and then fall in love with it over and over again. Most people buy a property after only one or two inspections, whereas our users can visit a property of interest as often as they like from wherever they might be.

Is this the future of ‘open inspections’?

It’s certainly the next step in inspecting interior spaces online. We have been working with the major real estate portals as well as other service providers to improve access ability and awareness. However we welcome anyone to pop into our office and give them a try.

In a couple of years we can see busy professionals and hectic families inspecting dozens of homes first with their VR Headset and then reducing the shortlist down to a select few allowing more time to spent relaxing on weekends rather than hopping from open to open.

Real Estate in Virtual Reality…